Tony Broadbent

The Go East Series Explanation.

Go East..............


There is an intent behind these oil paintings and that is to pronounce the inherent freedom colour ( color ) gives to the Artist and the viewer, we can enjoy the same.

Practised Artspeakers will tell you they have a greater meaning simply by appearance and existence at this time, let them.


They are a message.


This series is a social commentary on the abuse of freedom we endure by being conned into a contractual 'agreements'  ....we happily or is it haplessly give our freedoms away to others to 'use' our privacy as they see fit.
All done, wittingly or unwittingly in the false belief that we are to receive a benefit or reward, it is an unequal trade. 
This series is about how easy that is, how normal and quick we do that, just click or tick, agree to proceed.....who on earth reads Terms and Conditions, these days..we are already ' fatigued' by the fuss, we want it now, immediate needs and instant gratification!

In this western world of the soundbite and catchphrases constantly ' addressed ' to us.....the potential consumer....our simple desire combined with ' triggered' excitement and naivety gets the better of us,.. we want, must have, no...need that life enriching thing ................

It is how ' Society ' has trained 'us' to think - discuss.

IF you recognise this, then you are part of it already, you are becoming inured to it, thinking nothing of it, it is how it is, so what?

Well, to my artistic, jaundiced view... it is not normal but it will become so, more like the American West every year, who, we, the English always follow suit, it seems.
This series is about the tip of an iceberg called injustice and the creeping belief that this is normal and nothing to concern ourselves is about the abuse of our trust and a ' cleverness ' in Commerce which affects our basic human right not to get ripped off or led down the garden path.
Perhaps I'm a lone voice of discontent, easily put aside as 'mad' or eccentric Artist, stepping out of Society but if we accept this, then our children, our future  will be forever enslaved in  world made by Lawyers...well at least the West will be...........

The only solution may well be to change your geographical location and live another lifestyle where you are not predated upon by ' faceless' entities farming your data for value and assessing your worth with respect to their criteria, perhaps.

Perhaps, it is time to Go East.

Thank you for your visit ..ave a nice day.