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Main sales ( at the moment ) are by 'word of mouth', Repeat Purchasers, Recommendation, Restaurant/Corporate displays, various exhibitions, Local Galleries and the Internet along with private commissions and International purchase and the odd Art Fair!
I donate to Charities - particularly Cancer and will grant temporary, limited use licenses for use of an image towards, projects, book covers, theses, reports, causes -I support, PHD, illustrations, etc..just ask.

" Dear Tony, the painting we purchased today at The Fishes is already hanging on the wall. It fits so nicely in the room and we absolutely love it. We also checked other paintings on your website and they are really beautiful. I especially love Abstract horizon. Thank you so much, I hope you made a few more sales today. Very best wishes, Tamara "  @ the Oxford Art Fair 2013
Thanks for your purchases and comments, opinions, help and general appreciation for the work I had on display at The Other Art Fair, @ Ambicka P3, Marylebone Road. London, this ast weekend from May 10 - 13th inclusive. I shall add your remarks shortly and will be posting out Certificates of Authority, if you require one, please remind me. ( 17/05/2012 )
On going...Comments.......
Ref: Tears of a Prophet
        48 X 48 inches oil
&      Reasonable Chaos 2
        24 X 30
Sold 30th June 2006
Hi there Tony - just a quick note to thank you so much for all your help
> with this - we got there in the end and both paintings look absolutely
> fantastic in prime spots in my sitting room. I can't tell you how absolutely
> made up I am with them. Definitely worth lugging that massive canvas along
> with half your central heating system on the train (thank heavens the guard
> let me put it in his van or I'd have been turfed off - yet more chaos! :-0
> All the best and will keep my eye open for your stuff in the future.
> Steph
Ref: The Wake and Moving Sea series 1
2 X 24 X18 inch oil paintings
sold january 2006
Quick note to say your artwork is now installed, our restaurant is open and
everything looks great. We've had some very positive feedback and you'll be
pleased to hear that a number of people have personally told me your two
pieces are their favourites!
Thanks again,
Dave NFU
Ref; The Old Town
        18 X 24
       Sold in January 2006
Hiya Tony,
The painting was delivered yesterday as you promised and its amazing.
After me looking at literally hundreds of paintings and narrowing them
down to 12 that I thought Terry would like, you should give yourself a
pat on the back, for the one he liked best was yours!!
I was dying to open it all day yesterday and had to wait for him to come
home from work. He is absolutely delighted with it. Its looks fantastic,
the colours are so deep..
Thank you for the careful packaging and thank you again for making one
of the best Xmas presents ever!
Have a lovely day
From Jean Holbeche
re - Reasonable Chaos 30 x 24 inches sold November 2005
Dear Tony, many thanks for Reasonable Chaos it is a delight.
From Graeme Kelly. 
re - ' Girl ' 8 X 20 inches sold November 2005
Just to let you know that your packaging is as good as your painting :-).
Painting arrived safely and I am really pleased with it!
Many Thanks,
From Amanda Mclaughlin
re- Abstract 1 12 X 12 inches sold Augst 2005
Dear Tony
I would like to say a big (belated) thank you for the message you wrote on the back of the painting we bought for as a wedding gift for our friends (Abstract #1).
They were absolutely thrilled and thought your painting was amazing.
Thank you once again.
Best Wishes
From Jayne Shakeshaft
with ref: Floral abstract Triptych 4
Hi Tony,
Just to let you know the painting arrived safely and is now hanging on our sitting room wall.  It is fantastic and neither of us can stop looking.  It captures your eye when you least expect and looks great from any angle.  Lots of positive comments from friends.  I think they are all green with envy!!
Many thanks again for everything and I am sure we will "be back" -  in the words of the great man himself.
From Mark
with ref: Red sky at night 39 X 39 Flat canvas Sold 03/9/05
Tony, your painting is superb. Hung within the hour of delivery. Everyone who has viewed the painting, has given a positive feedback, (not that i would be bothered if they did not) with special mention to the centre orange and reds.
Yes, january is in my diary.
Had a look at the mini gallery, link worked!
Kind Regards & Thank you
Mark Rounding B.Eng (Hons) MIEE
From Amanda
with ref: Small square abstract 1.  16 x 16 Box Canvas Sold 12/08/05
Dear Tony
Your painting is fantastic, I can't wait to see my friends faces when they open their present.
Thanks for your help.
Best Wishes 
Amanda  McLaughlin
From Bobby and Parminder Gill.
10/8/05 ( ref: Yellow Impasto Rose 24 x 24 )
Tony - I got the painting yesterday - and just now unwrapped and hung up. It
> is fantastic - many thanks - and we look forward to buying some more from
> you in the future.
> Best wishes!
> Bobby
From Danielle Swain,
27/7/05 ( ref: Symbolism. 12 X 24 )
Hi Tony,
Many thanks.
The painting is fabulous.  I was finally allowed to open it this morning although I severely underestimated the time it would take to get through the expert packaging...
Am really delighted with it..... my only dilemma now is to decide where to hang it.
Am sure you'll be hearing from me again...
Thanks again for all your help.
Best Wishes
From Liza Harrison,
28/4/05 ( ref: Coming Home. 18 X 24 )
Hi Tony
It looks fantastic on a plain cream wall - and is now the main focal point of our room -we are extremely thrilled with it.
My ten year old son took one look at it and said " it's a tribeswoman
walking in the desert wearing a white robe, carrying a staff with a baby onher hip"- he didn't know the title or subject matter when he said that - isn't that lovely?
Thanks again Tony.
From Sarah Moynihan,
I had been looking for a while for a wedding present for my best friend when I came upon this site.  After several hours of happy browsing, I came across the perfect painting - End of Day by Tony Broadbent.  
I liked it so much that I bought another one, Easing Down, for me!  Tony couldn't have been more helpful, he even personally delivered End of Day to my friend's house the day before her wedding.  
I have been singing the praises of this site to everyone I know, and while I still have space on my walls, I'll be back!
( Thankyou Sarah, it was a pleasure to meet you )
Hi Tony
Many thanks for trying your best with delivery, the post office tried to deliver 8.30am Friday! We collected the picture this morning and all is ok.
We are delighted with the art work so all has ended well - the wonders of perseverance!
I've attached some photos "in situ"  - the picture
has been placed at the top of the stairs, it looks good as you come in
through the front door! Feel free to use the photos.
Hi Tony,
We bought one of your tryptichs from you in Addingham a few months ago and have been so pleased with it and had so many complements about it in our new house that we decided to pay a visit to Artolicana today. Straight away we saw the perfect painting to complement it and immediately purchased 'departure'.
Can't wait to get back to Dudley to put it up on the opposite wall!
Hope to see you again at a future exhibition when we are visiting my parents in Ilkley.
Many Thanks
Paul and Vicky
'Small Organic' arrived safely today. My wife, Carol, waited patiently for me to arrive home from work for the unveiling. I can say we are extremely pleased with the piece and are now finalising where to position it in our home.
I am now looking forward to receiving the remaining works and also establishing the best way to progress on the commission......
Bernard and Carol Rhodes 
"The Jpegs do not do Justice to the work".........
Reply, I know... but you get the general semblance of what it is and if you like that, then the reality is even better, trust me. I will always refund if you do not like it for any reason. I am that confident.
Ref:  - Housewarming 24 X 24 sold Aug 2004
Hi Tony
We received the painting yesterday and are really pleased with it.  It looks fantastic the colours are perfect.
Thank you so much.
Kind regards
Kim Ward
Hello Tony,
Thanks for the email.
We enjoyed your show immensely. If we're in Ilkley on the 19th we'll pop along to Addingham.
Your website, like your exhibition is inspiring.
I've started a few paintings but it'll be a while before they meet the
outside world.  I'll let you know when I've "finished" something and request your expert eye if I may.
All the best,
Hilary & Simon
"New Horizons" has arrived safely.  
What can we say, it is fantastic.
Please find attached image of "New Horizons" in pride of place in our Lounge.
We are over the moon and the new piece really sets the room off.  We may even have to re-position "Small Square Organics" to get the balance in the room right.
Once again many thanks.  We will certainly look after this one.
Please feel free to use any of our comments for your web site.
Bernard and Carol
Weds 15/12/04.
Thanks Bernard. TB
Hi Tony,
I love your work and I would like to order something identical/similar to 
Tranquility (which I note is already sold). Please let me know when this can be arranged.
  Louise Douglas
( As discussed Tranquility 9 is reserved for you cya later )
Hi Tony,

I received the painting. Basically wow. Thank you for bringing this joy into our home. I LOVE it. We love it. Cannot wait to get it framed and on the wall. It is fantastic!

Mark and Kirsty Walton

Hi Tony,

The paintings arrived on Thursday and they are beautiful. We are thrilled and can't wait to have them framed and put up.
Thank you so much, particularly for the personal messages and explanations of the work, it makes it so special.

Best wishes,
Mary and Andrew.

April 2012.

Hi, All, previous and potential customers, my regulars........
Sincerely......... Thanks for all your comments, it is a pleasure to see my work ' housed' and appreciated. :) Sorry for not keeping in touch but I'm notoriously bad at maintaining contact, it's nothing personal just a very bad business practice. 
Tony :)
IF you would like to see a comprehensive catalogue of my images., Sold etc please go to 
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