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Nearly August 2016
Well this is turning out to be an almost yearly review.

I have been painting a lot of  " smalls " recently, mainly oils on canvas and selling privately to friends, visitors and just generally getting my eye back in and using the medium. I still have plans for that massive triptych and one or two of my larger paintings. In fact I have already designed the piece on a smaller scale and it is simply a matter of starting it. Easier said than done when the painting area for the large works is to be outside and the garden ( which went into a total non-maintainance phase due to my breaking my hip last winter) needed to be cleared..well, in the end I got some Contractors in and they did the job, removing a tree and tons of foliage, cost an arm and a leg but there we go.


Now, after another small delay I will begin... unless a commission gets in the way, which will have to be done first, well we all have to eat. Having sold one of my absolute favorates " Just Accept it " a geometric abstract utilising upcyled materials and many media, I want to produce similar but as an interchangable triptych. The idea is that each can be placed adjacent to each other ( in any order  ) ABC., ACB, BAC..etc and still function as a fully flowing piece of geometry with an organic feel, this has led me to look at assymmetry, symmetry, Escher forms and the like, from simple repetitive designs to complex flow forms. I want all, of course, typical no half measures here. The piece will be an amalgamation of my latest digital works, in design., Just accept it style geometry and flow with an organic twist and depending on whether I opt for a landscape or portrait anything from 9 to 15 feet wide ( old money ) 3 to 5 feet high, I may do one of each. Each individual painting should be able to be presentable upon it's own.

If I design it well, there could be a serious/serial set of similar sized pieces which could interact not only as individual pieces, as well as diptychs, triptychs but also serial shapes and possibly double triptychs and four in a square ( quadratic ) paintings which should all flow and interact.

I will map it out in charcoal, under paint in acrylic ( may go slightly impasto ) then apply alkyd and finish off with a good quality artists standard oil, Gamblin or Winsor and Newton then highlight with Sennelier oil pastel and Old Holland paints to finish.

Opinions 1 and 2 - ( incidentally Opinions 2 has gone missing from where it was screwed to a wall in a private complex in Lanzarote, I know, I should take it as a compliment ).. yet more of my art stolen, purloined or joining a private collection somewhere - or in a bin, who knows? We all have Critics.


So that is the cunning plan - another epic about to come to fruition.

Also it looks like I may be doing some Curating this winter, another artist who I have helped develop is hoping to put a collection together for physical and online viewing, again do we go for commerciality., genre, style, content...most Advisors will state catergorically do like for like and become known for such..good advice, if the artist takes it, something I've been guilty of not following to the letter.


If all goes to plan, I may even start " Passive Consent " & " Cognitive Dissonance " after all it is far easier to use 30 brushes in seperate colours, containers and use them colours on many paintings on the go than plan, prepare, start, use and clean after one painting only using 6 - 8 brushes, I tend to use and throw away the brushes these days as I have had literally hundreds fester in buckets of white spirit or dirty water, beside you can buy ten cheap hog, fillbert, flat brushes online and use once and chuck. Francis Bacon, I am not, but do manifestly have his capacity for mess in the working enviroment, something most loose abstracts artists enjoy in common.


Thank you.



Hi August again already 2015.
Please forgive me for not updating this site as much and as often as I should do but if you know me and most of you do I do not keep in touch easily, nothing personal or anti-personal I'm either easily distracted or do not have a plan. Organisation and structure do not easily fit into my psyche, artist/creatives eh?
Okay it has been an interesting 12-18 months. I started by drawing and painting pure colour shapes and forms, along the style of Cesar Manrique primarily Geometric..then I started to lay these shapes and forms beside and top of each other with interactions occuring centrally within a confined space, traditionally in an A size format/ratio.  An example of this is Opinions & Opinions 2   ( Opinions 2 is on display/loan at Sun Park Living in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote.)   Naturally, it seems, that the geometry gave itself to organic development including curves, swathes of line etc., allowing the shapes to flow and combine and overlap, the structures becoming more complex within a simple clearly defined format.

I became greatly diverted by the fact I could produce outlines of forms more interactive, more interspeared with more complex relationships, very enjoyable and naturally abstract yet hinting at representational imagery equating to mood or intent, some almost gravited to almost pure designs akin to logos, brand badges etc.

I switched to developing some line drawings emulating a style instantly recognisable as Picasso and did a series of works entitled " After Picasso uno., dos, tres " etc. I have retained all the original hand drawings but decided to enhance the images digitally for sale elsewhere online on, which produces.. I have gone on to say ......" Framed art prints, posters, canvas art, leggings, pencils skirts, scarves and all manner of gifts, apparel direct from the Manufacturer using my original artwork and imagery, sometimes enhanced digitally. So for new products of my affordable british art drawn, painted and designed for an instant reaction, work to display, enjoy, use and even wear in all manner of ways. Have fun be funky and unique! " Sales have been forthcoming, I have yet to place them here for sale or easy viewing, though some may been seen in my Framed Prints Section.

Using various online Galleries it becomes important that each image produced is suitable for a print and other usage, so I have entered the digital age and embraced it. Sure I've taken photographs and manipulated those images in Photoshop and other digital tool programs, each seem to have a different benefit to each other and I am just dipping my toe in the water.

In fact it has been quite a revelation as it allows you to create without fear of utter mistake, painting it is not, drawing skills are useful but not paramount and it is an easily accessible format for creating art, especially the way I am doing things at the mo...........

Yes as you know - I get industrial when I find a creative format I get into - especially new stuff. So this year I have gone a bit overboard on the digital image, images born of others, photographs, manipulation or put straight into existence from the program directly a virtual reality - the results are something I enjoy though I would describe my use of  programs as something akin to " Outsider Art, naive and unpolished " but the results are speaking for themselves...we have a professional A3 format 12 ink printer now and I have ironed out the process from inception of digital work to the output of an excellent quality Limited Edition print.

It has been coming for a while and though I have other artworks professionally printed by my Printers, this just gives me a little bit more freedom. Wow, I have been busy..well there is a lot more to do and place on the site, works already out there and I am being contacted by those High St Galleries, some Vanity ones as per usual and others which may be of interest to me in the future as physical outlets for my works...but I've been round the roundabout a couple of times and unfortunately know the tricks and pitfalls, my aim now is to try and keep it simple, swift, affordable and once all is up and running we can luxuriate in doing the very large paintings again.

Till next time.

Okay tis August already... a couple of ' Message art ' pieces coming on stream ... see Message art.

Latest update March 2014

Okay as usual I'm very late in informing you, though some are more than in the know.  It has been my absolute pleasure to be resident for 12 weeks

at Sun Park Living in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. In this time I have done commissioned works, voluntary community driven and inspired projects as well as

complete an 18 foot x 6 foot wall " Muro " ( or Muriel as we became to call it ) as an installation in the Exotic Marigold Theatre bar with attendent lead in art

and other pieces on the adjacent walls. Photos to follow.

The Muro was inspired by the works of the Lanzarote artist Cesar Manrique, as well as influences and ideas born of Picasso, Muro, Delany etc.

The piece encapsulates a " feel " for Lanzarote and Sun Park Living. Sun Park Living is a gated community for the over 50's who are actively seeking a

Community experience whilst being semi-retired or fully retired - one must be over 50 years of age to


I started an Art club ..called funnily enough the " Exotic Marigold art Club "..seemed apt which contained a membership of a diverse nature..from the

complete novice to the adept at art...this ran for 6 or 7 weeks and cumulated in new works being thought about, designed, made and produced to adorn

walls in the  " Exotic Marigold Theatre Bar "

It must be said from the outset, I have no teaching qualifications, however I do know what I am capable of and that is showing an absolute

beginner how to draw and more importantly how to think about art, in such a way that the abstract is normal, the surreal just another idea and realism

can be more than just copying.  Classes ran from a core of about 12 up to 22, member ship being some 30 odd... I also set homework.

So there is a taster of what I have been up to recently...I am inspired all the more by engaging with people who thought art was not for them but

wondered about it.

 Also like any artist, the opportunity to paint a Mural at a size Banksy would be chuffed with was an absolute pleasure and it allowed me to use " Minions "

to paint second coats and add little personal details, a true Community project...and we did a few more things too. :)




Good's been an interesting couple of days (May2013) and I've started out in each one with the intent to do something but as nearly always ended up doing something unplanned.... I loved doing the photos in Halifax, just snapping away with a cheapish phone.. might have to have an other go at that!....... So this week I am concentrating on getting some small ' portable' original art done for 1 day art fairs etc... a lot of people like original but cannot afford's the same story takes it a while sometimes for the penny to drop with me ( not ) being a natural businessman or networker... The aim is to make ' framed ' art, ready to go on the wall, in the style of my Inspirational artists, mixed with some Steampunk and Psychedlia and a fusion as well.

And I'm still working on those ' big ' pieces.....named " Passive Consent " & " Cognitive Dissonance " for the Go East series.

Also I want to make a statement with the message art, though I see a lot of this style of work is being subverted into glim., tame, poster style ala Wharhol silkscreen mini epitaphs often with a twist of retro and iconic influences ( well in the London scene, anyway.).perhaps one should imitate.......