There are several ' layers ' to the meaning of this painting as there are displayed in it. It reaches all strata of human life from the angst driven EMO Teen, the self-harmer to the stressed & moneyed classes who appear to do well yet ' bleed ' just the those who are totally bankrupt of ideas and philosophy and the rest who suffer in silence. emo, self, human, society, angst, commentary, blood, bled, hurt, anger, war, blood, strata, death, religion, preacher, gospel, rules, tax, restriction, murder, crime, knife, peer, pressure, societal, dogma, doctrine, upset, cause, manor, gang, drugs, salvatrion, freedom, art, painting, belief, escape, existence, denial, alcohol, wine, whiskey , song, music. trend, fashion, funky, sick, street, scene, gay, straight, label, brand, money, evil, wage, IRS, bankruptcy, amendment, law, lawyer, probate, will, lottery, wish fufillment, gratitude, immediate, instant, reward, status