Tony Broadbent

Portfolio: Sketches ( New )

Sketches., Psychedelia & Pop Art


This is a new selection of work done a s sketches in pen and and ink, in my style of " psychedelia & pop art ",


I used to draw these images and similar back in about 1971/72 , none of them works survive, that I'm aware of...I gave a lot of work as a Teenager, away. I am re-visiting this genre, not as retro but more of a delayed re-visit to a previous time in my ' art ' life when all seemed very colourful, new, expressive and very ' in '.

This ' era' for want of a better term, was a marketing media dream, psychedlia was becoming main stream born out of the drugs and rock n roll, abuses of the Sixities, filtered and sanitized for public use, it manifested itself in pop music as a background to fashion and trend., magazines, Radio One, Top of the Pops ( there were only four channels to watch ) Glam, Glitter, Pop, TV lighting effects was pumped into the homes in all forms via the Television and film advertising and we, the new generation soaked it all up, it was 'our' false identity, we were it's consumer. It was  " happening " still and all the language used in slang became cool, it was out there, it was now.


We watched and some identified with the new identities, the new celebrities from David Bowie to Blue Peter, everyone was in on the act and the art images became forms of subverted trends, flow became the norm, movement and abstract representaion became the tag, so much so that even now some 30/40 years on,,, ' Pyschedelia ' is recognisable, if only by quaint references to clothing and fashion, people possessed back in the day.


Well I lived it too and it should not be forgotten or re-written to suit new agendas, save mine of course. :)


The work is developing as all living contemporary art does, even if retro in tagging, so I am moving towards something of a style I am calling " Fractured Surrealism " these works are initially to be in the skectch idiom but may well develop into full blownpaintings in oil and other media.

Thank you