Tony Broadbent

Portfolio: Limited Edition Prints

Size A3 unframed, Signed and numbered Giclee prints.

Many of the works have developed and there has has been a natural tendency to move towards a more immediate form of expression, one which allows quick change yet purposeful thought in the creative process by the means of digital enhancement of photos or original work, the manipulation of such to this form of art which is a purely digital image based upon previous exploration.

This is a pure digital image and has such is being reproduced as a Limited numbered Signed and Certified Edition.

Editions are normally 15 only but can be as little as 5 or as many as 25 for particular pieces of work.

Each work will be presented unframed and unmounted, frames are such a personal choice I find... in a portrait/landscape size A3 image on an A3 plus good quality, high density matte paper, with archival inks, numbered, signed on the front and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Open editions of size A4 of Ltd Editions are available and very affordable via or contact me directly, no commission involved.

Thank you.